WORLD LIFE EXPERIENCE Exchange Programs International 
Status: CLOSED


World Life Experience aims to raise awareness for the world’s social and cultural diversity, bringing people from various parts of the globe to journey across 40 countries, discovering different ways of life, reporting on current issues and helping with social causes.

Who Can Register?

Anyone between 20 and 35 years old Intermediate in English.


24/7 Support

A multidisciplinary team will provide ongoing remote support to the group. At each destination the group will be accompanied by a local guide. All participants will have life insurance and personal injury insurance.

Superior Lodging and Food

In all travel time, meals and transfers will be framed in superior range with all comfort and quality guaranteed.

Four 2-week Breaks

Participants have 4 two-week breaks to return home to rest. At the end of each period the group meets in the next destination.

Application Deadline:June 30,2017

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