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“WORDISM – The Power of Words” Contest


Express yourself, your humor, sarcasm, honesty, innocence, creativity, frustrations, happiness, your emotions, feelings through words.

“Wordism-The Power of Words” is our monthly writing contest for Nepali youth to unleash your creativity through power of words and express your fantastic thoughts on various things.

We organize Wordism competition every month starting 1st Asadh, 2073 (15th June, 2016).

After completing 12 months, we will have one final competition among Winners and Runner Ups of 12 months. It will be a grand one day event where all the winners of each month will compete for the title of “WORDISM HERO”, S/He will get a trophy and lots of attractive gift hampers. Two runner ups will also get attractive gift hampers and trophy in the final event. 

PRIZE for Monthly Winner:

1. One winner of the month will win a special gift package worth one thousand Nepalese Rupee. 🙂

2. The top 5 winners (one monthly winner + 4 runner ups) will be awarded with certificates and their article will be posted in our official website with their short biography, interview and photo.

Contest Rules:

Age Requirement: 15-25 years

1. You should submit your letter in English with minimum 300 words and maximum up to 1200 words.
2. There is no exact criteria for writing style. You can express in best way possible – through poems, stories, experiences, essays etc. Be creative!
3. Your writing should be fresh and have never been published in any platform before.
4. You should not copy and paste someone’s original writing. If found, you will be disqualified from the competition.
5. Winner and Runner ups should inform youth legend before publishing the essay in any other online or print media or for other competitions.
6. All the decisions for choosing a winner article is reserved to youth legend.

If you have any queries then please write to us at [email protected] or [email protected]

For Jestha, you can send your best article, your stories, thoughts or whatever you want to express through words. It is a freestyle month.

Deadline of Submission: Jestha 31st, 2074 (14th June, 2017).

Result and next competition date: 2nd Ashadh, 2074 (16th June, 2017)

Let your creativity reach new height! Happy Writing!

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