Women Leadership Summit 2018: Leadership Beyond the Binaries and Boundaries Conferences Deadline Approaching Local Training Workshops 
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Women Leadership Summit 2018: Leadership Beyond the Binaries and Boundaries

Women Leadership Summit: Leadership Beyond the Binaries and Boundaries is a six months long leadership program that comprises of a  six-day residential program, three monthly meetups, a Bring It Back event and a graduation.

Women Leadership Summit works to foster leadership via the lens of gender, sexuality and technical skills to help young women professionals grow and thrive in a workplace. The vision of the program is to create young women professionals in leadership and decision making roles in Nepal.

The Summit will take in 18-20 young female professionals from various districts throughout Nepal to develop necessary skills to activate their leadership skills at their work and grow towards higher leadership positions. The main objective of the program is to build a strong network of young women leaders in the workforce who can imbue leadership skills among other young women at their work and community. 

The residential program for Women Leadership Summit 2018 will take place in Chitwan. 

The following are the criteria for the program:

  • Must be actively employed throughout the program
  • Must be employed in a position that requires overseeing a project or some team members
  • Must commit to all aspects of the program: Residential program, Bring It Back Event, monthly meetups, and graduation
  • Must be based in Nepal
  • Women Leadership Summit only works with cis and trans woman gender identities.

The following are some of the sessions that will be focused on this year’s summit:

  • Unpacking Leadership Through Gender and Sexuality
  • Strengthening Organizational Leadership (teamwork, time management, conflict management, effective communication)
  • Bodily Integrity, Gender Based Violence, and Work Place Harassment
  • Laws and Policies that Influence Women’s Leadership in Nepal
  • Opportunity Optimization and Local Resource Utilization
  • Visioning,  Introspection and Negotiation
  • Communication and Alliance building
  • Self Care for Women Leaders

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