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Know where you are from-Win a trip for 2!

Are you ready to shake the family tree and find out who you really are?

This is your chance to travel back in time, trace your family heritage and immerse yourself in the culture of your ancestors.

Whether you want to track down the rural village in Spain where your great uncle started his booming butter business, delve deeper into a family legend of royal ties in 19th century Thailand or find out more about the Irish clan behind that dusty family crest on your grandmother’s desk, we want to help you connect to your story.


Deadline: May 29,2017
The lucky winner and their travel companion will each receive:

1.A 1-year free membership to

2.20 hours of genealogical research (winner only).

3. US $1500 in custom trip planning.

4.US $1500 airfare voucher from STA Travel.

5.Travel insurance for the duration of your trip.

6.Carry-on luggage that connects to your smartphone.

7.US $250 worth of adventure clothing.

8. US $100 to  spend in the lonely planet shop.

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