U.S. Embassy Youth Council Nepal 2017/18 International Local 
Status: CLOSED

U.S. Embassy Youth Council Nepal 2017/18

The U.S. Embassy Youth Council Nepal (USYC) was created in 2011 to interact directly with Nepali youth. The Youth Council has two primary objectives:

  1. To encourage participation by USYC members in their democracy, through engagement in their communities and civil society.
  2. To inform the Embassy about the challenges young Nepalese face and what can be done to address them.

The incumbent USYC consists of 53 Nepalese from all regions of Nepal that represent various backgrounds, castes, religions, and professions. The U.S. Embassy constantly engages with the Youth Council through regularly offered discussion programs, training, outings and other events.


  1. All Youth Council applicants must be between 18-27 years old.
  2. All applications must include a recommendation from an educational institute where you are currently studying or from your current place of work.
  3. In submitting an application, all prospective Youth Council members are agreeing to be active participants in Youth Council events for the full one-year term.
  4. All Youth Council applicants should intend to reside in Nepal for the next year.

Application DeadlineJuly 12, 2017

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