The Drucker Prize 2017 Competitions International 
Status: CLOSED

The Drucker Prize 2017

The Drucker Prize (formerly known as the Peter F. Drucker Award for Nonprofit Innovation) continues to recognize the organization that best exemplifies Peter Drucker’s definition of innovation: “change that creates a new dimension of performance.”

While only one organization will win the $100,000, everyone who applies will get something just as valuable: powerful new tools for effectiveness.

Beyond the cash award, The Drucker Prize offers nonprofits a host of practical insights to help them become more innovative and more effective. Indeed, The Drucker Prize’s resource-rich learning platform blends the timeless wisdom of Peter Drucker with the thinking of some of today’s brightest management minds. The original content is open first to each year’s 50 semifinalists. Leaders of these organizations get to dive into specially designed mini-courses covering key aspects of innovation and nonprofit performance. When we announce the 10 finalists each year in September, we simultaneously make available this trove of insights to all of our applicants—and to the entire sector.

Application Deadline: May 12, 2017


Open for non-profit organizations.

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