Strategic Leadership by NEPO Conferences 
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Strategic Leadership by NEPO

Strategic Leadership is a one-day seminar to accommodate Nepalese Experts, Professionals and Scholars who stay in capacity of delivering into diverse domains related to soft skill, hard skill or knowledge sharing into any specific domains. Program highlights are as;
• Instill a compulsion to succeed by unleashing your reticular activating system.
• Illuminate the fear-based beliefs that undermine growth and love in your life.
• Identify and fight the core, hidden attachments that are limiting your view of reality.
• Create your truth as a master of your life.
• See through your belief systems and how they have been influencing decisions in the story of your life.
• Redesign the story to bring you into a new experience of freedom, true happiness and love.
• Center yourself in your heart and begin to access unqualified success and love as a new baseline.

The Key Speakers are: Amit Shrestha, Basu Neupane and R. Manandhar.

Strategic Leadership and Personal Development Coach
Specialist in Academic Teaching and Learning – Harvard University USA
Author : The Fault
John Maxwell Leadership Trainer, Personal Development Coach and Speaker
Success Nuero Linguistic Programming Specialist
CPA, Australia and New Zealand

Leadership and Organization Development Coach
Author: अनुभूति र दृष्टिकोण (Realization and Perspectives)
Asia Coordinator: Global Campaign Against Poverty
Founder Secretary & Ex-President: Samuhic Abhiyan
Director: South Asia Partnership- Nepal

Certified Psychological Counselor, NLP and Mindfulness.
Author: The Conscious Leadership & क्षितिजको स्पर्श
Leadership Columnist: The Himalayan Times, Nagarik, etc.
Key Note Speaker: “Mindfulness into life”

Hurry up! Book your seat. For Ticket: 9867753307

Location: Jawalakhel, Nepal

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