Promoting Asian Leadership (P.A.L) Project 2018 in Japan International 

Promoting Asian Leadership (P.A.L) Project 2018 in Japan

P.A.L. Project stands for Promoting Asian Leadership. This project focuses on global leadership and Japan’s role within Asia. They are part of an organization called I.I.R. (Institute of International Relations) of Keio University. In 2012, 15 members of I.I.R. decided to organize a new project that focuses on problems within Asia, including Japan-China relations. Their biggest event is our very first “PAL Program”, an exchange program in Japan with students from Beijing and Tsinghua University lasting 5 days (August 26th to the 30th). They have prepared activities that facilitate teamwork, discussions on diplomacy, and activities on education with Japanese high school students. Before and after the program, They will provide sightseeing activities so the exchange students may enjoy Japan. Throughout the year, PAL Project members are organizing events and seminars to further their understanding of Japan’s relationship with Asia.




  • This will be your chance to experience Asian Relations first-handedly in the center of Asian economics and innovation.
  • You will also be able to experience traditional and modern Japanese culture
  • The elite group of participants are from the top schools of their respective countries.


1. College students and adults

2. People of Asian nationality,live in Asia and major in Asian relations.

3. Familiar or have an interest in Asian Relations.

4. English: TOFEL iBT 90 or IELTS 5.5

Eligible Regions: Open for all

For more Information go to official website



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