#PICTUREYOURRESEARCH PHOTO CONTEST 2018 Award Competitions International Photography 
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Working on a research project brings you to places you might never have discovered otherwise. You look at the world around you while asking questions about places, situations, relationships, and other details of life and society. VERBI Software is interested in your unique perspective and would like to invite you to share it with their global community! Research is a journey – travel it well!


Everyone, who is conducting or has conducted research, and wants to share their experience with the world!


The winners’ photographs and research projects will be featured on the MAXQDA website and social media.

Professional Print
Every photographer who’s entry is chosen as a winner will receive a large-scale acrylic or glass print of their photograph.

Each photographer will automatically be entered into #PictureYourResearch Raffle to win a 1-year MAXQDA Analytics Pro license.

How to apply?

1.Upload Your Photo
Upload your favorite research photo (highest resolution possible – min. 1.5 MB in size) by September 13th, 2018 on the MAXQDA Photo Contest website. Don’t forget to share some of the background information about your photo, such as: what is the context in which the picture was taken? Who is featured in the image? And at what point during your research journey was it taken?
2.Share Your Submission on Social Media
Share your photo on your social media platform(s) of choice using the hashtags #PictureYourResearch and #MAXQDAPhotoContest and tag in the caption @VerbiSoftware or @MAXQDA so their community can learn more about your research project.

Apply to: [email protected]

For more information please visit the official website.




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