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Passion to Perform 2018 – International Art Contest

Passion To Perform is an international art contest that aims to recognize and reward outstanding emerging art talent. Through each edition of the contest, they build a collection that reflects their ideals of excellence in performance and expressing passion in what we do.

Established in 2012, Passion to Perform is a competition with a mandate to foster the important contributions art makes to vibrant communities. The objective, since the beginning, has been to support and encourage emerging artists from around the world and develop a world-class collection of work representing these artists.

Passion To Perform celebrates the interconnection between performance and passion and aims to award-winning entrants with meaningful compensation that can positively impact each artist’s practice and encourage them to pursue their passion.

The competition is open to any person practicing art. The initial entry is online, followed by the second round of shortlisted works before final selection. Entry is free, at our portal. They will only be admitting 2 entries per person. The panel of judges will initially review entries made through the online system. Following this, approximately 35 artists will be shortlisted. Only works that are shortlisted from the initial digital submission will be reviewed for final judging. Notifications and instructions on the regional collection process will be sent to the shortlisted artists only via email.

For this year’s contest, artists were welcome to submit paintings, drawings, mixed media, sculptures, and photography as entries to Passion to Perform. The following prizes were awarded in $USD based on a jury selection:

USD 6,000 for first place;
USD 2,500 for second place;
USD 1,500 for third place.

In addition, a fund has been established to acquire additional artworks from the shortlist of finalists, which will then become part of the permanent collection.




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