Geosciences Master Scholarships in Netherlands International Scholarships 
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Geosciences Master Scholarships in Netherlands


Applications are invited for Utrecht University Geosciences Scholarships for students who have a highest academic achievement to study in 2018. Scholarships are available to outstanding prospective non-Dutch students who have completed a bachelor’s programme.

The scholarship is designed to make a significant contribution towards the costs of travel and living while studying in Utrecht; however, it will be necessary to find additional funding to completely finance your study and stay in Utrecht.

Utrecht University is a university in Utrecht, the Netherlands. It is one of the oldest universities in the Netherlands and one of the largest in Europe.


The applicant should:

  • Hold a non-Dutch passport and not be eligible for support under the Dutch system of study for grants and loans;
  • Have been admitted to a Master’s Programme within the Utrecht University Graduate School Geosciences;
  • Hold a relevant Bachelor’s degree or the equivalent thereof from a non-Dutch university with a Grade Point Average of 7, 5 or higher according to the Dutch grade system. In the Netherlands grades from 1.0 up to 10.0 are used, with 1 being lowest and 10 the highest. A GPA of 7,5 is (for instance) comparable with at least a 60% in the UK and a B+ (or a 3.3) in the United States;
  • Belong to the top 20% of his/her final undergraduate year, as evidenced by a university statement; 5. Be able to comply with the conditions to obtain a Dutch visa (only for students from non-EEA countries).


Selected Master’s students are awarded a scholarship up to a maximum of 5,000 EUR per year, for a maximum duration of two years. In total, this amounts to 10,000 Euro.

How to Apply?

Include in your application:

  • The completed Geosciences Scholarship application form;
  • Your bachelor’s thesis or equivalent thereof in English;
  • A motivation letter of one page, explaining why this scholarship should be awarded to you.

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