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Asia Student Summit 2018


Your time spent studying can be a down payment on a better career. Slogging your way through your schoolwork is not always fun, and if you’re racking up mountains of student debt, you might find yourself wondering whether the work is worth it. But education plays a key role in both finding and keeping a job and can open doors to higher-paying, more stimulating and rewarding careers.

There is a direct correlation between the level of education you achieve and your likelihood of finding a job. Education isn’t just a piece of paper. Time spent in high school, college or graduate school helps you master both basic and advanced skills. After you’ve found a job, the benefits of education continue. Higher education may be a requirement for promotions or for managerial positions. But before you arrive on this state, it is important to know what your passion is and how to make a use of it. This program aims to widen the prespective of the participants about education and career specifically in Korea and how to set your goal and passion for a better decision of your education and career in the future.


1. To comprehend education system in Korea that being considered one of the best in the world.

2. To learn how Korean company take a role on educating society about new technologies along      with it’s own benefit.

3. To make an essay consist of: Korean education or working culture, how it differs with your country and what can your country learn regarding of it.

4.To have a better understanding about Korean society.

5.To share the understanding about topics given related to Korean society through a group         presentation and paper that will be published on Asia Student Summit’s website.


  • Asia Student Summit 2018 is aimed specifically for young people who have a passion about Entrepreneur, Social Program, Culture and ready to become part of World Future Leader.
  • Participants must be enrolled in a high school, university, fresh graduate high school with maximum age 25 years from around the world.

To apply or for more information visit official website .



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