Training for Future Leaders in Netherlands (Part 2) Internships Training 
Status: 70 days left

Training for Future Leaders in Netherlands (Part 2)

Greetings from Amsterdam! This December The Netherlands Education Group is going to hold very an interesting leadership program in Amsterdam called “Training for Future Leaders” that will be conducted by a professional business trainer, MBA holder. The training will allow you to determine your own competitive advantages and discover how to utilize strengths. Each person has his own strengths and weaknesses. Some people spend all their lives doing jobs based on their weaknesses. At the same time if you determine correctly what your strengths are and try to build your…

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Online Internship 2018 at Youth Opportunities Arabic Team International Internships 
Status: 3 days left

Online Internship 2018 at Youth Opportunities Arabic Team

The largest opportunity discovery platform, Youth Opportunities, is a ray of hope, a step in the ladder of success for youth all over the world. Youth Opportunities promotes equal rights to opportunities along with an easy access to them via its website and mobile app. From conferences to scholarships, from competitions to internships, you name one and this international award-winning platform serves it all, right at your fingertip. YO’s journey is associated with enriching the youth community of the world and if you want to be a part of this…

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Internship Opportunity with UNDP Moldova International Internships 
Status: 100 days left

Internship Opportunity with UNDP Moldova

UNDP partners with people at all levels of society to help build nations that can withstand crisis, and drive and sustain the kind of growth that improves the quality of life for everyone. On the ground in 177 countries and territories, UNDP offers global perspective and local insight to help empower lives and build resilient nations. UNDP Office has organised internship programme to provide a framework by which students from diverse academic backgrounds may be assigned to UNDP offices, where their educational experience can be enhanced through practical work assignments…

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