LAUREATE GLOBAL FELLOWSHIP Fellowships International 
Status: 9 days left


The Laureate Global Fellowship is a pioneering youth social entrepreneurship program working to redefine how young people lead change. Launched in 2001, the fellowship invests annually in twenty extraordinary young leaders whose social ventures are transforming how age-old challenges are addressed in their communities and countries. Fellowship applicants earn their spot in this renowned cohort through a rigorous selection process including evaluation by a panel of peer leaders and executives from distinguished global institutions. Sponsored by Laureate International Universities, the Laureate Global Fellowship is one of YouthActionNet’s 23 national/regional youth leadership institutions worldwide, whose…

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Translation Immunometabolism Conference 2018 in Switzerland International 
Status: 5 days left

Translation Immunometabolism Conference 2018 in Switzerland

The field of immunometabolism has thrived over the last decade, revealing not only the major roles played by immune cells in metabolic homeostasis but also the impact of metabolic pathways on immune cell function. As new discoveries continue to reveal the intricate links between immunology and metabolism, a key question arises: will our accumulated knowledge on immunometabolic deregulations translate into novel therapies for human diseases? To attend these conference participants have to send an abstract on the following topics: 1) Infection and host metabolic adaptation 2) Chronic inflammation and metabolic disease…

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International Exchange 2018 – Nepal Thailand Vietnam Cambodia Exchange Programs 
Status: 54 days left

International Exchange 2018 – Nepal Thailand Vietnam Cambodia

Love Beaches? Love Island and waterfall? Ever dreamed of traveling from one country to another making local friend in each country, going to the best places in those countries without any worry and hassle? Come join us for an epic Nepal Thailand Vietnam Cambodia exchange Program this June. We will be going to three Countries and different cities in twelve days. Eligibility 1. Must be of age 16 – 40 years (youth is 16-40 as per Nepali government) 2. Must be able to speak basic English 3. Good Health Condition to…

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The 3rd Annual International Conference: Narrating Human Rights: Issues of Migration, Discrimination, and Protection of Human Rights in Southeast Asia Competitions Conferences Grant International 
Status: 33 days left

The 3rd Annual International Conference: Narrating Human Rights: Issues of Migration, Discrimination, and Protection of Human Rights in Southeast Asia

“Narrating Human Rights: Issues of Migration, Discrimination, and Protection of Human Rights in Southeast Asia” is the third annual international conference held by The Centre for Human Rights, Multiculturalism, and Migration (CHRM2) University of Jember incorporation with Indonesian Consortium for Human Rights Lecturers (Serikat Pengajar Hak asasi Manusia, SEPAHAM Indonesia), Migrant Care, and Asia Justice and Rights (AJAR). They are eagerly waiting for your prompt and lineal effort in making the world a better place through contributing your critical thoughts toward human rights issues wrapped in an academically written paper…

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Australia Awards Scholarship Programme 2018 International Scholarships 
Status: 64 days left

Australia Awards Scholarship Programme 2018

Australia Awards Scholarships are long term development awards administered by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. They aim to contribute to the long-term development needs of Australia’s partner countries in line with bilateral and regional agreements. They provide opportunities for people from developing countries, particularly those countries located in the Indo-Pacific region, to undertake full-time undergraduate or postgraduate study at participating Australian universities and Technical and Further Education (TAFE) institutions. The study and research opportunities provided by Australia Awards Scholarships develop skills and knowledge of individuals to drive change and…

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Global Peace Youth Exchange 2018 in Nepal Exchange Programs miscellaneous 
Status: 65 days left

Global Peace Youth Exchange 2018 in Nepal

The Global Peace Youth Exchange (GPYE) is an international leadership development program that empowers aspiring youth across the globe for achieving sustainable peace and development in their communities, nations and the world as moral and innovative leaders. The program brings together students/young professionals for a series of transformative and experiential learning activities through which participants acquire first-hand experience in leadership development, join a lasting global leadership network, and make meaningful impact in tackling relevant critical issues Location: Nepal Benefits Opportunity to build a network with committed peace builders Developing the innovative skills to take initiatives in communities and collaborate regionally…

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Asian Student leadership Conference Conferences Workshops 
Status: 120 days left

Asian Student leadership Conference

ASLC is an annual conference where students from all over Asia get together to learn the importance of being a leader and to become change makers in their communities. This conference is brought by Youth Ambassadors (YA), a social enterprise established to empower the youth and to make them realized that everyone has the potential to become leaders by having courage, compassion, wisdom and energy. Location: Singapore Benefits Opportunity to interact with people from diverse nationality and cultural backgrounds Leadership skills, improve public speaking skills Eligibilities Age 14 to 22…

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Design for Intelligence Internship 2018 at Microsoft, India International Internships Training 
Status: 3 days left

Design for Intelligence Internship 2018 at Microsoft, India

Microsoft India is pleased to offer an internship program for students who are passionate about Human-AI relationship, interaction and designing for it. The opportunity is based out of Hyderabad, India. India offers a diverse, unique and complex set of human problems that beg for robust and sustainable solutions. Among many other relatively recent influences, rapid technological advancements in the area of infrastructure and policy development are key. This is leading to faster execution and growing access to technology. These developments are playing a catalytic role in solving many of these…

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Status: 11 days left


Balobeshayi is a social enterprise on a mission to change the narrative on migration towards a more humane representation. They are aiming to bring back the people behind the word “migrant”. They do that through documentaries, training for individuals with migratory background, consultancies for the urban inclusion of migrants. They partner with academic institutions, artists, migrant communities, to provide a positive impact on the culture around migration. Their work has influenced the young minds of people in the US, Italy and the UK. Position Description Build and maintain an active social…

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FUTURE NEWS WORLDWIDE CONFERENCE Exchange Programs International 
Status: 3 days left


Description Are you the future of journalism? Future News Worldwide is a partnership programme between the British Council and some of the world’s leading media organisations which identifies, trains and connects the next generation of global journalists. They are looking for 100 of the world’s most talented, motivated and passionate student journalists to attend an intensive media training programme in the Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh, on 5 – 6 July 2018. You’ll receive exclusive coaching from the world’s leading editors, broadcasters, writers and reporters, and see how publishers around the world are using technology to find stories and bring them to life like never before….

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